Triple Pack Tape Dispensers – Red, Orange and White TapePal


This colourful value set of tape dispensers will compliment any stationery set. TapePal is the best reusable hand-held tape dispenser out there, that works with a regular sized roll of 25mm wide sellotape tape. Just attach the TapePal to your everyday sized roll of tape and away you go. There’s no need to buy a small throw away tape dispenser, a bulky desktop tape dispenser or a tape gun, just attach the TapePal to your regular sized roll of tape, and away you go! This makes using your tape faster, smoother and frustration free every time you use it. The refills are easy to find because it just a regular sized roll of tape.

Tape not included in this pack.

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We have reinvented the tape dispenser!

This value triple tape dispenser pack will complement your stationery set.

What is TapePal?

It’s a hand-held tape dispenser. It attaches to a standard-sized roll of tape. Once attached it is always ready to use.

Why buy a TapePal?

Firstly you won’t need a small throw-away dispenser, bulky desktop type, or tape gun. Secondly using standard-sized rolls of tape means refills are easy to find. Thirdly using your tape is fast, smooth, and frustration-free. Furthermore, this triple tape dispenser pack has a removable side plate which is what makes it reusable.

TapePal is an amazing tape dispenser!

  • Never lose the end of your tape.
  • Buy it once, use it forever!
  • As its spring finger holds it firmly to the reel, this results in a smooth delivery. Because it is internal, this guarantees no trapped fingers. This ensures it’s safe for children.
  • In addition, it stores away with the tape meaning it’s always ready to use.
  • Undoubtedly the ultimate cut is due to stainless steel teeth which cut for a lifetime.
  • Above all TapePal is kind to the environment. It uses 90% less plastic than a desktop tape dispenser.

How to attach the tape dispensers?

Do you need a step-by-step guide on how to attach your TapePal? This page will ensure everything goes smoothly.

However, you could watch this video, it’s at the bottom of the page.

This triple tape dispenser pack is made entirely in the UK

TapePal is proud to say that we invented, designed, manufactured and packaged TapePal entirely in the UK. Made in Kent our stainless steel teeth and spring fingers are of the highest quality. In Suffolk,  injection molding happens then they and blister-packed. Assembled by hand, we press in the teeth, insert the spring fingers, and finally add on the side plates.

This triple tape dispenser pack has 100% positive feedback online

The most compelling evidence is on ebay. We have 100% positive feedback. To view our amazing feedback, it will speak for itself.



Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm

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