How to attach TapePal

  1. TapePal has a removable side panel, that is held in place by small pegs. Gently remove this side panel and place it to one side.
  2. Prepare your tape. Pull a small length of tape away from the reel and tension it with your left hand. Hold that position,
  3. With your right hand, hold the TapePal by its base, and use your thumb to retract the spring finger to an open position.
  4. Offer the TapePal up to the reel of tape, align the opening of the TapePal with the tape you have all ready prepared.
  5. Slide the TapePal on to the reel of tape. Then release the spring finger to the inner of the reel.
  6. Trim off any excess tape using the teeth.
  7. Finally put the side plate back on and you’re ready to go!