About Us

A small  company made in the UK, based in Suffolk

made in the UK flag

Made in the UK

We are proud to say that we invented, designed, manufactured and packaged TapePal entirely in the UK.

stainless steel teeth for tape dispenser
Stainless steel teeth

These are of the highest quality to ensure you get the best cut.
Made in Kent

spring finger for tape dispenser
Stainless steel fingers

These spring fingers keep the dispenser held firmly to your tape
Made in Kent

injection moulding a tape dispenser
Injection moulding

Pressed in 2 halves so it has a removable side plate making it reusable.
Made in Suffolk

blister pack for tape dispenser
Blister packaging

After assembling all the parts by hand, they are then ready to send out to packaging.
Packaged in Suffolk

Assembled by hand

TapePal is made entirely in the UK. The stainless steel teeth and spring fingers are made in Kent, the injection moulding and packaging is done in Suffolk. We assemble each and every one by hand to ensure everyone is perfect. We press in the teeth, we insert the spring fingers before putting on the side plates to thousands of TapePal we produce.

Our wonderful workers

 You may have seen these smiley faces at Autumn Fair, The Stationery Show and the Ideal Home Show  to name a few. If we can help you with anything don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

tapepal team at exhibition