Clear Sticky Tape 24 pack – 25mm x 66m


This box of 24 clear sticky tapes is a perfect accompaniment to a carton of  24 TapePals.

A high-quality box of 24 clear sticky tapes. These have massive 66m of tape per roll, unlike many comparable products. Your TapePal will be very happy to meet this lovely item.

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A high-quality 25mm wide bulk buy sticky tape. Many other brands of tapes have very little tape on them, whereas these have a humongous 66m. Your TapePal would be very excited to meet this sticky tape.

You may need this bulk buy sticky tape if you purchase the following

You may need some extra rolls of tape if you are buying the double and triple packs of TapePal as they do not come with any sticky tape.

What is the best way to store your bulk buy sticky tape?

bulk buy sticky tape does not have a use-by date although the older it gets it will become less effective. Furthermore, most tapes do not like to be stored in high temperatures, ultraviolet light, or direct sunlight, and with other chemicals. Equally important, follow the instructions and also store them in a dry place. Above all, this will extend the life of your tap, making sure they work well every time.

Some knowledge that may stick with you about sticky tape

When we think of adhesive tapes we immediately think of bulk buy sticky tape.

Sticky tape is known by a variety of different names depending on the country and use. Often called cello tape, it has the two most popular widths of 12mm and 25mm. Therefore these widths fit easily on a sticky tape dispenser.

  • Cellulose tape is made from cellulose film. Cellulose film is not plastic consequently, it will become a dark colour over time and possibly become brittle.
  • Sellotape is a generic term used for similar types of sticky tape or adhesive cello tape. It is a general-purpose clear tape with many uses in the home, office, or industry.
  • Scotch Tape is a 3M brand product name and is identical to Sellotape. This tape is available in a number of widths and adhesive strengths for various uses.

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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm

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